So what are your guys thoughts on Antidepressants etc. ?

Teachers tried to get me on stuff in school, but my parents didn't really buy into (what were then) new attitudes toward mental health. I'm eternally grateful to them for that. I'm odd enough that I still, at 30 years old, occasionally run into people who like to diagnose me with whatever's on their mind.

I think modern attitudes toward mental health exist just to stave off the effects of the alienation and stress inherent to modern ways of living—including social structure, work expectations, technology, etc.—and get people back to work contributing to the GDP. Even in very clear cut cases of disease like schizophrenia, people can live unmedicated if they have a good support network. I think everyone should seek help if they think they need it, but I think most people would benefit from keeping life a little simpler instead of running to drugs to sustain their unsustainable life.

tl;dr There's a very good chance you do need medicine to fit into conventional society. Just think about how much you value conventional society before you take on the many side effects and problems associated with anti-depressants.

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