What are your housing bubble predictions?

UK and New Zealand ("Anglosphere") information pointing to what to do with "Generation Rent":

The problems associated with the PRS in the UK may be contributing to a reluctance to rent. But if there were improvements to security of tenure, quality and affordability, the PRS might appear a more attractive option. Danny Dorling, professor of human geography at Oxford University, recently contrasted the UK’s rented sector with the situation in Germany:“In Germany tenants cannot be evicted on a whim. Often landlords have to bribe them out if they want control of the property back before the agreed date. Property is of good quality, well soundproofed, spacious and well insulated. Pension companies often hold it, so you know where your rent is going: it is paying for your parents’ generation’s old age.

Source: http://theknowledgeexchangeblog.com/2015/05/29/generation-rent-are-there-lessons-from-germany/

The Eaqubs look to Germany for some solutions to improving the rental market in New Zealand.Its rental rate is the second highest in Europe, at 57%, while in Berlin, 90% of people rent.Germany’s rental market is so regulated; new legislation has just this week been passed, which bars landlords from increasing rents in Berlin by more than 10% above the local average rate.

Source: http://www.interest.co.nz/property/75809/getting-renters-rights-german-standards-dubbed-key-stepping-stone-cooling-housing

Australia has rental regulations among the least in favour of renters. In Sydney its exaecebated by greater than 50% of residents within 30 mins from the city rent. We don't have long term leases and this messes with people who want a family and stability, in conflict with having a job near the city where there are more.

Yeah, this backs up our point about renter's rights being inadequate as it is, a change to give tenants more power is ill advised.

It's not a line that is just said. You just brought up the info.

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