What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, January 01, 2021

WSB hates FDs lol, but ZENYF (ZEN.V is the TSX ticker). Quick DD, they have a provisional patents on 1) antiviral graphene virucidal ink for use in masks and HVAC systems effective against Covid-19 + more and more importantly 2) graphene as a novel antibiotic/antifungal/antiviral ingestible/injection treatment. Cytotoxicity tests are good so far, downside risk is it tests have negative results but losses are capped to about half current value as they already have contracts for 100M virucidal ink masks and they're sitting in a literal graphene mine of some of the highest graphene in the world. Upside is tests are all positive and they enter the biotech market with a novel way to treat Covid AND whatever the fuck else.

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