What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, June 10, 2021

I mean, how do you define a "meme stock"? If it's the Jim Cramer "a company that misses earnings estimates" definition, then yeah, they are (at least q4 estimates), although by that token many of the actually 'real' meme stocks are NOT actually meme stocks.

Or do you mean "meme stock" to mean "a company whom by 'real' fundamental analysis including balance sheet and HOW MUCH OF A BUBBLE YOUR CURRENT INDUSTRY IS, and said company being divorced from said fundamentals in its astronomical valuation"? Because if so, then sure as shittin' clf is a meme stock. Wildly overvalued, perfectly set up for a rug pull, encapsulates current house of cards valuations only through the sheerest bubble the housing market has ever seen.

Or possibly you mean "meme stock" to mean "not a boomer underlying", in which case (the only case!) Clf could be considered "not a meme stock"

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