What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, August 10, 2021

broksi, i used to smoke too, i quite using this method. Please try it. Im being serious. 1. switch to juul, the 3 %. Virginia tobacco flavor. tastes like cigs almost. Please be careful with juul, that shit is almost as, if not more addictive. Then i would limit my usage to just the afternoon. then whever i got a craving for nicotine, i would eat some peanut m&M and have a iced coffee(i would make like a 3/4 glass batch at once). and i took melatonin to sleep for a little while. its been 6 month, no more cigs and i still use my juuul but i limit it to just after morning and end of work. i dont think i will continue juul much longer, maybe 2/3 more months. try that m&m trick when u have craving, with the iced coffee. i would buy those fucken huge bags from costco with like 1000 in them. And excerise, god knows those fuckne M&Ms is tons of sugar. Try this or make ur own plan, cigs are fucken terrible, but so amazing. :(

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