What are your personal Eurovision winners from 2010 - 2020?

2010: We Could be the Same (Turkey)

2011: Popular (Sweden)

2012: Euphoria (Sweden)

2013: I Feed You My Love (Norway)

2014: Rise Like A Phoenix (Austria)

2015: Grande Amore (Italy)

2016: You Are the Only One (Russia)

2017: Hey Mamma (Moldova) - I am from Portugal and although I have to thank Salvador for one of the happiest moments of my life, I can't say I like Amar Pelos Dois. Honestly, until the last moment, I thought Bulgaria would supass him with the televote.

2018: Fuego (Cyprus) - I saw it live and honestly it was one of the best performances I've ever seen! Everything was on point. Every hair move was synchronized to the second. Israel was great and provided us a great moment of collective craziness, but Cyprus was definitely in a different league!

2019: "Proud" (North Macedonia) - Honestly this was one of my favourites performances of the decade, not only because of the performance itself but because we witnessed the moment where a country finally overcame the chronic problem that they had with staging and that would always throw them out of the final no matter how good the song was! I cried so much of happiness when Tamara finished her performance and I felt like supporting North Macedonia with more intensity than my average favourites! :)

2020: (My favourite song in the preview videos was Iceland but I don't want to answer to this year because the live performances under the same circumstances didn't happen. It often change favourites after I see the live performance at the event).

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