What are your thoughts on the new Uber surcharges for Chicago?

I live in Bucktown. If I want to go see a friend in Bridgeport, it takes me about an hour with a couple of transfers. Or I can take Uber and be there in 20 minutes.

And Uber? Nobody is blaring shitty music. Nobody is smoking weed. I'm less likely to get mugged or jumped by herd of teenagers. I'm not going to sit in a seat that is sickeningly, mysteriously wet. There's no drunk guy puking two seats in front of me. There isn't some mentally ill dude shouting. There's no homeless guy asking for money and then telling me the Amazon Go sandwich I offered to buy him isn't good enough because he'd rather have McDonald's.

I like public transit. I use the Metra a lot. I use the L when it makes sense (which isn't often, since the closest stop is a 15 minute walk). I use CTA buses fairly frequently - I prefer them to the L and there's a stop right outside my apartment. But goddamn the L is unpleasant as often as not. I think having some transit cops would be a huge improvement.

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