What are your thoughts on Zomato/Swiggy spreading the tipping culture in India while exploiting labour?


I'm American, my wife is Indian. We live here. She always gets pissed when I tip too much. I don't even like the tipping system in the U.S., but you're basically forced to do it and the habit is hard to kick.

I will say, it can make a big difference with customer service. If I tip on Zepto or Swingy, 8 times out of 10, the delivery partner goes way out of their way to do everything perfectly. No useless calls, no fucked up packaging, very sincere thanks.

When I used to drink, bartenders (in India) would even give me free drinks for occasionally tipping them.

Not trying to encourage this shit, though. I worked as a tipped employee in university (most young Americans have part-time jobs in college), made really good money sometimes but not having a fixed wage fucking sucked. It's better for everyone to just pay a little extra on prices and ensure employees are getting the compensation they need to do their job happily and effectively

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