What are your thoughts on “Quiet quitting” / “Acting your Wage”?

I work for a non profit and we are notorious for burning people the fuck out. Well. It happened to me lol. I have severe panic attacks and am being forced to have my doctor sign an ADA form to get an accommodation to continue to work from home when I need to.

I used to do A LOT outside of my job description to the point of working on weekends and sometimes til 9 or 10pm.

My supervisor quit. My entire team got eliminated and I got moved back on to my old team while someone who is not a team player got promoted and now supervises me.

I told them I will work 40 hours and no more, and I stopped doing any of the ‘extracurricular’ type activities. I had to stop myself yesterday from volunteering to be one of our staff trainers on a project.

I will also say my salary level, while it didn’t change after my old role was eliminated, is complete bullshit.

Know your worth, folks. I’m out once I get through my student loan program.

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