What are your thoughts on the Boy Scouts of America shifting to allow girls to join the scouts too?

I'm an Eagle Scout. This really bothered my at first, but then I read their statement. I don't think detractors are aware of what is happening.

Genders will still be segregated. You can stay an all-boy pack, make a new all-girl pack, or add girl dens. Cub Scouts dens will be gender segregated. They have not yet said what they will do for actual Boy Scouts, but surely they will keep it gender segregated. Gender segregation is my only real concern.

What is dumb here is in the name. They need a new name for the girl wing. That is all.

This is good because apparently Girl Scouts is kinda bogus. They had a merit badge for boycotting something to show the power of boycotts. Heard bag things. You can't just fix Girl Scouts as it isn't associated with BSA. Either way, the lessons in BSA kick ass, and girls would do better to learn them than SJW stuff. We just need a different name for the girl wing.

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