What are your views on gender politics and LGBT?

You still keep acting like a victim as if I am calling you hateful without any basis.

Your statements are hateful, you claim to respect LGBT people yet you express hate towards certain actions they do if they don't act the way you want, you consider them secondary, their existence as something you just tolerate as long as they are "good old silent gays" and something you hate if they don't act the way you want them to.

You also express hate towards gender politics, which your first sentence in this entire post is literally "Gender politics is cancer." yet you seem completely clueless about what gender politics is.

You aren't "I am pretty much indifferent to them", you are "Yeah let gays be gays, as long as they aren't too gay, I hate them when they are too gay".

And I have no problem if you have hate, I can't change you, I am just telling you that you should be aware of your hatred and it seems you aren't comfortable with being hateful, if that is so, try to be aware of your hatred, try to improve that by learning more about gender politics OR accept the facts that your statements are hateful and maybe that what you are, someone who is hateful towards gender politics and LGBT, it is not like that is a controversial stance.

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