What are your views on gender?

How is treating someone how they want to be treated mental gymnastics?

You literally just said my beliefs do not belong in the workplace and I should be shunned. Talking to you in the workplace therefore takes mental effort to pretend that I care about your nonsense.

Things that were acceptable 10 years ago still upset people, they just didn't feel safe talking about it.

With respect to gays, sure. But this "transgender" thing is a pretty novel phenomena with very little precedent. No one was offended by "sex = gender" before the mid-1900s when some angry lesbians decided to be.

I've made jokes in my life that people have found offensive. Those people say "I found that offensive" and I stop making jokes like that. Is that really such a hard way to live? You're acting like every interaction is a minefield, but it isn't. You need to just literally treat people how they ask you, and not say hurtful things.

You don't get it, because you cannot perceive your own ideology. In order to "not offend you" or "not say hurtful things" I have two options:

  1. Say nothing at all (my preferred option),

  2. Say what you want to hear.

The latter requires me to submit to your ideology as the truth, and I absolutely refuse to do so.

Turing had no children, but he has contributed more to society than you ever will.

Cool, you came up with one exception, because that's how this works >_>

Don't measure people's worth by the children they have.

I don't, I'm just saying you're irrelevant to society if you don't have children.

If you're going to be the next Turing ([X] Doubt) then maybe not, but I shouldn't have to really explain that I'm speaking in generality about... what... 99.99% of people?

There are dozens of people who make the world a better place for others, who help those who do have children, who create value. Measuring someone's value on whether or not they have children is so incredibly narrow.

You're doing it again: overlaying your vocabulary on what I said, which changes the meaning.

I said nothing about anyone's "value". Everyone is inherently valuable. That doesn't mean they are related to society. Society is a collective, emergent being that is created by the interaction of people -- and its future is entirely predicated on the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors of children. Ergo, if you do not have children, you are almost entirely irrelevant.

Of course, these people make up for that by trying to brainwash our children, go figure.

Not talking to someone just because they are gay is being hurtful to them because they are gay. Treat them literally identically.

Again: you literally just said my beliefs do not belong in the workplace and I should be shunned.

You do not treat me "literally identically", and therefore do not deserve any such treatment in return. This is a cycle, and will not be broken -- you need to just accept that not everyone agrees with literally everything you believe.

Treat gay relationships identically to straight relationships.

I would, if this were true.

Don't make up statistics about child molestration.

I'm not making anything up.

The "equallly small minority" comment is based on this article, which surprise surprise, debunks all of the bullshit about "gay people molest more children" https://psychology.ucdavis.edu/rainbow/html/facts_molestation.html

Sahil (2009) Cruel Numbers 2009

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Take your pick.

Politically inconvenient data has been "debunked" and is literally impossible to find on Google? I'm shocked. (Thankfully we have Bing)

Specifically define to me why I am in a cult. I would like to hear it put as simply as possible.

Are you serious? I've given like 50 examples.

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