What are your views on muslims immigrating to Europe and the US?

I think a huge disengagement is in order from the EU and North America and also from the Muslim world. Western institutions can't be applied by force in the middle east. Life sucks in Afghanistan and other parts of the middle east, but it is they who have to fight the civil wars and

Here is what I would do if I were European or North American.

  1. Immigration is a 2 way street. You have a developed country with low births and so need people. And lots of skilled workers from around the world would love to live in your country. Try to take the most integratable of those people.
  2. Have value tests for people who come into your country.

    • Do you believe in FGM?
    • What would you do if your children converted away from your religion?
    • Do you believe that the state should implement Islamic laws?
    • Should Jews in this country be treated differently from others?
    • Should Muslim Women be allowed to marry non-muslim men?

    etc. If they answer wrongly throw away their file and get the next candidate. Throw away those useless people who behave like human vermin.

  3. Withdraw from the Refugee Convention(Explicitly, or in practice). Ideally, what happens is that refugees need a safe place until their home country settles down. So the receiving country builds refugee camps until that happens. This happens in the rest of the world but not in Europe/NA. In Europe/NA the process is like this:

    • Someone comes in - can't kick them out; that would be barbaric
    • We need to house them in the cities, not refugee camps. Cause we're nice progressives that don't like having refugees at the edge of our country
    • couple years later - need to give them all citizenship because it would be cruel to send them to their country.
    • Now need to accommodate said peoples religious beliefs by being nice to their holy figures
    • And eventually we live in the european islamic countries

    So unless these countries accept that being a refugee is temporary. It is permanent uncontrolled immigration in practice.

  4. Build physical barriers around your country that prevents illegal trespassers. Whether it is dangerous animals, an invading army, or Islamist parasites(I keep repeating myself), a state has the obligation to defend its borders from undesirable elements. Get your act together and have a combination of active duty border control officers/surveillance drones/Early warning detection systems that's enough to stop people from circumventing the system. Send the message that we are compassionate, but that we have a system that you must follow. And if we see the scenes that we saw in Europe late last year, have the courage to shoot on sight to send the message.

Although my solution is hard to imagine, I don't know of another way of doing this.

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