What bad is happening in your life right now?

Depression, anxiety, loneliness... I don't know anymore, it's a mix of the three, sometimes I'm not sure which one is the cause.

After passing all the subjects in my degree, I only had to do this project or thesis if you want. I started working and I never found time to work on it, but it was always there, in the back of my head, not letting me rest. I always found a reason to procrastinate, but at least I managed to turn that procrastination into something productive, just not towards finishing my thesis and getting my degree. Like, for instance, I started working out.

I managed to finish my thesis last month, after spending most of June and July secluded, only going to work and working on my thesis. I tried to keep exercising at first, but in July I decided I didn't have the time.

I have finished it and now I'm just waiting to get my title. But ever since I finished it, I've been depressed. I have no motivation to do other things. Keeping my diet has been harder than ever, I don't have the energy or will to exercise even if I feel great when I do it, I just want to eat and sleep.

And I also saw my ex the other day with her new boyfriend. They were holding hands in public when she barely touched me when we were outside. She gets to move on with her life and I have to pick up the pieces and heal the trauma from all the abuse.

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