What has been the most obvious sign, that a girl was into you romantically or sexually, that you've missed?

So I got a friend of mine, I wouldn't say it as sexual or romantic,but I think more like platonic she use to be very close with me like even her presence give me a positive vibe and yeaa actually I got feeling for her and one fine day she told me she like me(which she told me in very casual way) and asked me If I got feeling for her, and all of sudden I told her yea I too like you as friend and then there was an awkward silence for 10mins, then we left to each other's home... Recalling it I was thinking "maybe if I said yes what would she think of me or will she leave me... Or will our friendship will sink"... don't know if she too has feelings for me but if I have said yes then I won't be regretting that till now

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