What has been your experience seeking healthcare in Ontario?

Crashed a motorcycle once. Didn't want to go to ER due to long wait times but my mother was worried so to keep her happy I went. I was there for about 9 hours only to get a tetanus shot. They did no x-rays even though I couldn't walk. Found out years later I had fractured part of my ankle. That was in Guelph. Also the doctor yelled at me for falling asleep in the room after the nurse told me I could nap. I'd been there all day after riding all day and crashing hard enough to write off the bike so I was quite tired. He also got mad when I told him the medical history in the next example wasn't related. He said that was up to him. After I told him he was like, "Ok, yeah, that's not related."

Another time found a questionable lump in my nuts. Went to ER. They told me to get an ultrasound so go to the imaging department. I went there and the ladies literally laughed in my face and told me I might be able to get one sometime between 6 months and a year. They wouldn't even help me figure out how to book it so I just left. Luckily I had family that worked in a hospital and got me in the next day.

I've heard that second example is pretty common. If you don't know someone in the system you're probably going to wait quite a while. I have a co-worker whose wife works for a specialist and he's often helping others skip years long waiting lists.

Oh, also had to get a cyst removed which two doctors told me was necessary unless I want to be in pain for years. OHIP still didn't cover it. Cost me $480. Took the doctor 5 minutes to do.

But, I don't go to the hospital much, so maybe I've just got bad luck.

But never having to pay for normal doctor visits is nice.

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