What has been your scariest water-related incident?

I was driving from my (at the time new) boyfriend's house to my parent's close to midnight. The drive was about an hour, a good chunk of it through country roads/small towns I wasn't super familiar with. It had been raining pretty hard earlier, but it had cleared out, so I wasn't really worried. Cue me getting caught in the worst rain I had ever seen. I couldn't see the lines on the road, stoplights just reflected light all over my window and blinded me, I couldn't hear my Google maps over the sound of the rain. Even with my windshield wipers as high as they could go, I had almost no visibility. I wanted to pull over, but couldn't see enough to find a safe spot; I could only see about a foot. I ended up finding another car, and I just followed them and hoped their wipers were a bit faster than mine, and they could see. After about 15 minutes, which felt like a year, the rain cleared up and I hit the highway about five miles down from where I was trying to be. Still have no clue how I got there (no one can figure out what road I took), and I haven't seen rain like that since.

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