What behaviors in older men/family do you see that make you say "I'll never be like that?"

You can argue your opinion piece all you want, just because you made it to late 50s doesn't mean you made it past the riskiest portion and now will make it all the way. That's like saying if a baseball player rounds 3rd he can take it easy because home plate is just ahead, while in the mean time the baseball has already entered the glove of the short stop standing in deep infield ready to bang it out to the catcher while the runner is just Lolli gaging because of this attitude you think is correct.

Explain how life expectancy increases/improves as you get older, especially in the late 50s after all your life choices are in stone and will effect you.

Just straight up denial. Are you his doctor, is that why you're so HE'S NOT DYING!

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