What is the best animated movie and why?

Finding Nemo has been my go-to animated film since it came out. There is no other film that I can watch over and over like I can watch Finding Nemo. I'm an avid horror fan (GOOD zombie flicks and psycho thrillers really get me randy), and truth be told, I typically HATE most animated movies from Pixar or Disney (save for most things from either company from like 1993-2005 cause back then they made quality movies) because they feel way too "in you face" with the big feels. Finding Nemo is a perfectly crafted emotional roller coaster that has you laughing, then questioning your entire existence within the same breath.

In the same light as the new Disney live action films, Finding Nemo finds itself in a area where high fidelity and quality of textures is a complete non-factor. They'd literally just have to animate real life fish in order to even remotely remake the movie. It's perfect as is, and there is literally nothing I'd ask of it and it's been 16 years since I first watched it. It's the best, and I often watch it on repeat in the background when my anxiety/OCD is really ticking.

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