What is the best experience you've had with a player or manager?

When I was 7 or 9 I went back to Argentina to visit family etc. While in Buenos Aires my mum and I were getting our Argentinian passports renewed so were escorted to a more secure section of the building (way less people). In the distance I see a really tall dude walking my way who was stopped by a kid asking for an autograph. I hear my mum say "That's Navarro Montoya". For those who don't know he was a Colombian goal keeper who player for team like Velez Sarsfield who he won the Copa Libertadores with. At the time he was playing for Boca Juniors (the team I supported) and he was my favourtie player. He had just been sold to Mallorca so I guess he was getting his passport and other stuff like that sorted out.

So my mum stops him and says "Hi Mr. Montoya, my son is a huge fan of yours, he thinks you're the greatest". He looks down on me and says "Oh wow that's really cool". He kneels down to my level, gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek (common Argentinian gesture) and says thank you before walking off. It happened soo fast but to this day he's the coolest famous person I've ever met.

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