What was the best moment you've seen where the real world hit a spoiled rich kid?

You're welcome, I love that quote!

I know school works well for some people, but in my personal case, that quote applied perfectly to me when I was younger. I'm glad that at the time I was able to realize that and ended up dropping out of high school (long story). Now I work as a software engineer and entrepreneur (currently am a partner in a startup in the US and run a consulting company abroad to hire developers to work with our US company), all thanks to the tinkering I did on my computer all night after school instead of doing homework :P

Ended up basically failing my high school classes which led to the decision to drop out, mostly do to 0's from not turning in homework, but luckily I didn't let school get in the way of my education, and was able to spend more time self-teaching computers.

I didn't want to reply with that publicly because it sounds pretentious haha, so figured I'd drop you some gold for giving me a smile while I was waiting around at the airport bored to tears.

Have a good week!

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