What was the best post on reddit that got no attention?

Given your username I can empathize with your position, but it's totally not 'absolutely bullshit'; it's fair and reasonable. Most people do not have the time and don't have the inclination to make the time to sift through the unfathomably large amounts of utter shit music (or film or writing or whatever) that gets released. They want to maximize their enjoyment - and on average, music that a bunch of other people enjoy will be enjoyable to them, too, unless their tastes are really, really odd (in which case they almost certainly already know the best way to get all the latest media from their preferred niche). Some of it might even be awesome - getting corporate backing doesn't automatically exclude quality, much as hipsters and unsuccessful amateurs might like to pretend otherwise, and damn near everything is probably mind-blowingly amazing to somebody, for entirely subjective reasons that are no less valid than any other metric arts majors might like to apply to it.

Unfortunate reality is, if you're not a true connoisseur (and maybe even if you are, from time to time), following the crowd is just plain sensible. Most artists are, to put it very politely, quite niche in their appeal, and there's nothing wrong and no shame in a person wanting to spend the vast majority of their time listening to things they will truly enjoy. That requires a gatekeeper - a publisher, distributor, friend, or community they trust. Art has to stand on its own. If it can't hold up under trial by crowd, if the artist folds from being ignored or ridiculed - something every single success has endured and continues to endure every day - it doesn't deserve the average, casual consumer's time or attention. You have to survive the gatekeepers first, just like everybody else - get a contract or get a loyal fanbase who will promote you, and even that doesn't guarantee broad success. It just buys you a chance.

If anything is 'absolute bullshit' it's you pretending that 'no one' cares about the music. You do, presumably. There, that's one person. There are many, many others, but you're right that they're far from the majority, and that's just fine. Not everybody needs to be an elitist of every possible thing, and nobody deserves to be looked down upon just because they choose to casually enjoy whatever you care deeply about. Step back a bit and look at the big picture; there's a reason 'snob' is a pejorative. There are probably dozens of media, foods, activities, etc., that you consume or engage in every day without even thinking about that others care about as deeply or more than you do about music. Get over yourself.

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