What was the best sex you ever had, how long had you known the person, and were you in a relationship with them?

Was going to make a throwaway but fuck it. I met a seemingly nice guy online: cute, funny, he said he had weed at his place and wanted to smoke with me. Let's called him Jake.

I had broken up with my ex boyfriend not to long before this and wanted to go and meet Jake to prove to myself that I could find someone who I had more chemistry with (sexual or romantic) than I ever did with my ex.

Jake picks me up in his car and the interaction is awkward at first. Eventually, we start warming up to each other and having good conversation that isn't small talk. We get to his place, we smoke some bowls and hang out on his couch playing video games. We're having a pretty good time.

I spotted a prescription bottle for Percocet on his dresser and he caught me looking at it. He explained he took it for back pain and then he offered me one after he took one himself. I was always curious about narcotics because I worked in a pharmacy, handling them daily, and never had a reason to ever take them. I accepted and took the pill.

After a while (I'm pretty high at this point) Jake slides over on the couch and we begin one of the hottest make out sessions of my life. He then gave me a back massage for a hour. I was amazed. I never had a boyfriend even massage me for more than a few minutes at a time. When he was done with the massage he offered to take me home because it was getting pretty dark. I was kind of disappointed he said that and I guess it showed on my face because in the next few seconds he was kissing me again.

We ended up having sex for 5 hours because we both couldn't finish. It was like a strange side effect of the weed and the Percocet together. It was hilariously awesome. The whole 5 hours was spent laughing at how awesome the sex was but how sad and ironic it was that we couldn't orgasm at all.

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