What is the biggest coincidence to ever happen in your life?

I work as a property manager, meaning I own/rent houses.

Part of that to stay competitive is in my houses I include major appliances, refrigerator, stove, washing machine, dryer. And because I know these things are always going to be breaking down, whenever I find one for sale or for cheap- I buy it and store it in my walk in basement.

A couple of years ago, my truck broke down right after a tenant moved out and I was pissed because they broke both the washer and dryer, so I had to replace them but without my truck I had no way of getting it there.

I called a buddy of mine who worked 2nd shift who had a truck, he didn't get off work until 11pm. I needed it done so I told him sure, it was better than renting a truck - although I don't like moving stuff that late, it's rude the neighbors to make all that noise. But whatever, it had to be done.

So that night, it was a Friday night, 11pm - he shows up over there right on time. It's pouring rain, we load up the thing and take it over to the rental house. Much to my annoyance, this guy had moved out and take EVERY light bulb in the entire place. Like seriously, what a bastard.

We used our flashlights, got it set up in a few minutes, really wasn't that big of a deal.

Because I hardly ever saw this guy, he thought it'd be cool to smoke a joint. I smoked occasionally, but it wasn't really something I did regularly. I told him why not, I mean he did just help me out big time. But the problem was, we didn't want to smoke in the dark.

We figured those people were probably as lazy as they were cheap, they probably didn't take the basement light bulb. So we walk around back and down into the basement- sure enough, there was a light bulb.

So we sat down there and smoked a joint, was laughing about some dumb shit when all of a sudden I got a premonition - police, coming down the stairs. I was like... !!!!

I told my buddy to throw the rest of that joint in the crack of that window where at first he resisted then luckily did as I said - because sure enough, guns drawn - police shouted then ran down the stairs, guns drawn, screaming at us. I had a 20oz Mountain Dew and that guy seriously almost shot me. I told them "HEY THIS IS MY HOUSE!" But it didn't matter.

They grabbed us by our arms, put them behind our backs, pushed us up outside - where I could see over a dozen police running around my house, inside, around, they had a perimeter. They slammed on me on the ground, in the mud, in the rain.

We laid there for almost 15 minutes before they finally scooped us up, got my ID - found out I was actually the owner of the house.

They told me my neighbor next door called in a burglary in progress - they thought because of our flashlights we were robbers - she didn't recognize the truck. I mean it was pretty plausible, so as much as I wanted to be mad I really couldn't. I made myself walk over and thank the neighbor for keeping such a good eye out.

We were just lucky I had the premonition, otherwise we would have been busted for drugs at least. I know- a minor misdemeanor, but still. It was just the biggest coincidence that I had this... the only thing I can call it is a premonition - and then it actually happened.

TL:DR Smoking pot in a basement, got a vision of police coming so I had my friend hide his pot- sure enough police came.

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