What is the biggest personality change you have seen in someone you know?

I met a boy that was so introverted and closed to himself and family that really lived like a 60-years-old guy, he rarely went out, had almost no friend, but he's a young man. Smart, funny, goodhearted, good-looking, with many achievements, only thing he needed was some better matched clothes. He was feeling miserable and used to his "situation" that he didn't believe even just a bit in himself, lonely as if it was meant to be. Nowadays, he believe's a bit more to himself, got a dream job with the skills he never believed he had, has moved to a city he always wanted, plans to do even greater things with his work, has more acquaintances and even some friends, goes out everyday, he has activities now, he changed his wardrobe and himself, lost weight, he is completely shining and doesn't afraid anymore. He only needed just a little "push" to discover how great he is and I am really proud to be with him, watching him externalizing the beauty that already had within him!

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