What is the biggest plothole you've ever noticed in a book, video game, movie, etc?

I haven't seen Naruto mentioned yet, the entire show is redundant and eventually contradicts every theme it tries to establish but it's plot holes kill me.

  1. The Akatsuki serve no purpose, there's no reason to assemble this group of bad guys and wait 3 years for Naruto to come of age when Black Zetsu has been manipulating events for hundreds of years and has what he needs to revive Kaguya with Obitos Rinnegan and strength alone.

  2. Obito's actions make no sense he has no motivation to attack the leaf, and once he learns of the rinne rebirth jutsu why wouldn't he revive Rin.

  3. Retcons constantly: Naruto channeling the fox Chakra on command as a kid only to lose that ability, Hiruzen promising to raise Naruto then abandons him, Shukaku being a priest until they decided they liked tailed beasts and he was the 1 tail.

    1. Itachi's actions. It's clear the characters in Naruto don't make choices based off of the events of the world and it's influence on them as characters, they simply make whatever choice pads the run time the longest. Itachi is a villain, he slaughters his family he joins a terrorist group he kills for the group and captures jinchuriki. Only after Sasuke's arc wraps up do they go back and add flashbacks of Itachis sad face and justifications for joining the Akatsuki as a "spy" but he never reports any intel he gathered and he does nothing to slow the Akatsuki down.
    2. There are more plotholes then what i've listed it's a 720 episode series after all, I didn't watch the filler so I think it's fair to exclude any plotholes they create but even all the cannon material is lacking in care. The scene that pisses me off most in the show is when the reanimated Hiruzen calls Tenzo "Yamato" despite that being a name Tsunade assigned to him a year after Hiruzen's death.
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