What was the biggest political scandal in your country?

This is literally not the biggest political scandal ever in our country. It wasn't even illegal, as you have found out. Morally questionable, yes, but there have been much, much worse scandals.

Minister of Justice P.A. Alberti defrauded a bank for almost a billion dkr in 2010 value. That was a huge scandal, and still is a hundred years later.

Minister of Justice Ninn-Hansen ordered his administration to stop handling pending cases for family reunion regarding Tamil families. That was a huge scandal thirty years ago.

Both ministers were sent to prison.

Foreign criminals recently defrauded the Danish state 12 billion kr, made possible due to lack of checks in the tax system. Also a huge scandal.

Use google translate on this too:


What Jeppe Kofoed did was stupid, but only one in many minor scandals. The big ones sent Ministers to prison and eroded trust in the government as such.

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