What do you think is the biggest ripoff that people continuously buy?

Are you ready to hear probably one of the most unpopular non-dead-bedroom-related opinions on Reddit?

Pirating games is fucking stupid and you should be thoroughly ashamed of the childish way you act.

That's it. There is no fucking middle ground here: you're an asshole. There are two conceivable reasons I can see you pirating a game, and both of them are pretty much heinous.

  • You disagree with the company and don't want to give them your money but you want to play the game because it's fun and all your friends are doing it

That's fucking dumb. When someone creates something, you aren't entitled to consume it. That's not how this works. If they are a shitty company like Ubi or EA, you can either choose not to play their game or to buy the game. If a particularly amazing game is released by the company, it speaks volumes if there is a spike in sales related to the amazing game as released. It tells the big guys "Oh, we did something right there. What did we do right? Let's do that again." and that's how you shape the medium to best represent gamers as a whole. You want something beyond the same stale mil-sim FPS? Fucking buy it. Give dollars to the company because that's all those marketing manager exec guys even see. Once upon a time, the gaming industry was managed/owned by developers, but now it's just guys in suits that look at graphs and charts and try to figure out what works and doesn't work.

  • You can't afford it, but you want to play it anyways

This one makes me sick to think about, and not just because you disgust me, but because it is proof that video game addiction is a thing that we, as the community of gamers, need to discuss and worry about. The fact that people can be so obsessive over games that they will pirate it just so they can play it is a mortifying prospect. I'm pretty sure addicts do the same thing with drugs and committing theft in order to get their next fix.

If you can't afford the game, maybe you should do something else instead of buying the game. Yeah, it sucks, and it's a tough life, but maybe you need to pick up an extra shift at work, or seek a job beyond the one you have.

  • But you said 'convenience'

I want to make this perfectly clear: by refusing to pay for a game you choose to play that isn't on Steam, you are a villain. If the sole reason that you won't pay is because you are 'inconvenienced' by the bullshit of having to re-enter your payment info so that you can play Rimworld, or Elite: Dangerous, or Dragon Age, or whatever else you want to play, then you are scum. Stop being so fucking lazy that five extra minutes of work means you're going to hop onto Demonoid. You aren't entitled to play the fucking game just because it exists, whether it is on Steam or not. Take the five minutes out of your vigorous wank session and punch the numbers into the computer.

Fuck. I feel like people like you are the reason a few game developers see us as little more than criminal sheep to be punished and fleeced. :/ You poison the potential quality of my preferred artistic medium, by playing games without giving the airhead suits numbers that correlate to successful game development. Be ashamed.

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