What do you think is the biggest, "where were you when" moment in your life?

For me, this is it. I agree with everyone that it felt like a slow descent but there was an exact moment I can pinpoint when I realized the magnitude of the thing.

I was out to dinner with some extended family at a sportsbar and ESPN was on the TV. The entire broadcast was about sports being canceled. We were still on a regular schedule as far as work and school (we wouldn't be by the end of the next day), some of my other family members already had theirs close. Everyone was scared and it's all anyone was talking about. Walking in to the restaurant, things still felt fairly normal. Walking out, they didn't. I remember the exact moment, mid mango habanero hot wing, that it hit me that things were about to change. (I haven't eaten mango habanero wings since, by the way.)

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