What do you think of bikes during a zombie apocalypse?

We aren't talking about specialized bikes or equipment, we're talking about regular people with regular bikes. Do you really think that OP or most people in his country have bikes or equipment like you?

My everyday bike is a $120 bike made with the steel frame from the 1980's I got off of Craigslist. That is the one I rode from California to Georgia. It is the one I put the most miles on. I have been using a bike is my main means of transportation for 7 years now and only recently have I gotten a fancy bike.

Bikes are hell to drive in snow, ice, rain or very windy conditions, all of which are regular weather in my area. You will not be protected from the elements like a enclosed vehicle. California or Georgian weather maybe but Atlantic weather? No way.

So it is storming in my part of California right now and I rode my bike 12 miles one way to get a beer with some friends. I agree with you that you are exposed but I was trying to point out that you really underestimate how capable it can be even in shitty weather and terrain.

It is raining right now and some of the streets are a little bit flooded. I have no qualms about riding my bike into work tomorrow. Its actually fun as hell.

Your seat can be made of pure comfort, sitting on the best thing of long enough will make your ass hurt.

No this is just wrong. People spend hours in the saddle and can do so day after day. I'm not just talking cyclist either. Bike touring company steak non cyclist for multi day trips spending long hours in the saddle. You just have to have the right seat.

No you just need to find the right seat for your ass and you need to know how to position the seat so it's comfortable. It does not cost a lot to get a proper seat, it only costs a lot if you get the ultralight shit.

Or your seat post is at the wrong height.

I get your points but you are an exception.

No I am not. I firmly believe that with a little bit of conditioning the average fat American can ride 40 miles a day without much problem. And with a little bit of balls they can handle some of the off-road stuff. They aren't going to be rock hopping but neither am I.

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