What ‘black-market’ did kids in your school run?

When I was a little 4 eyed girl with pigtails 6th grader in Australia I was sitting in the classroom. The teacher suddenly decided to teach some math (I hate math). I got bored and started looking around then noticed 2 boys at the back of the class fiddling with something. So I guess Now is when I will clarify I am on the Autism spectrum, so naturally a very innocent, literal, practical thinker who liked to analyse what others were doing. I

leaned on the back of my chair to get a glimpse of whatever these boys were interested in and they hid the object away. So naturally I waited till I could sneak a look and realised they were trying to shave down a connecter pen with a pair of scissors to make it sharp and stabby. (These boys were bad apples) none the less I realised they were making some errors in their craftsmanship.

So that’s exactly what I said and they were shocked to see I was looking so of course made some snarky remark. But determined to show them how to do something better (being helpful) I grabbed all the stationary off their desk. And started getting to work, I used the scissors to unscrew the blade from the pencil sharpener and pulled apart another connecter pen making it hollow. Then squished it just enough so the blade could fit snug inside the pen and the lid could be placed back on for concealment.

( I had no idea what the gravity of the situation was)

So of course these boys were very pleased and they showed another boy. Before the bell rang they asked me to join them for lunch and I was very happy as I didn’t have many friends at all. So of course I got my bag and met them where they said to meet and I was greeted with lots of admiration and praise. They wanted me to continue making these with them during lunch and more importantly they wanted me too keep quiet about it.

(I still didn’t get the seriousness or their intentions at the time)

So I piped up and said well actually, this is boring doing this all lunch I’ll only stay if it’s fun so how about we charge the other kids 50c per pen. (Future face palm) They agreed and said how that it was actually a very great idea, so I sat down with an entire box of old classroom connecter pens and sharpeners the boys “found” and we got to work.

The prison like shanks were sold by the boys to other male students in a very drug deal like theme and when they would return during lunch the money would be hidden in my lunch box while I would restock and eat and make more also check that I hadn’t been left short. (I knew I wasn’t allowed to do this but I didn’t get why not and the consequences)

This lasted about 4 days with half the grade treating me like I could walk on water, even earning the nickname “the boss”. Until one lunch break only one of the boys came back and the boy that did come back said quote “ we fucked up and we gotta get rid of the pens”. So he grabbed my bag and tipped all the pens out into the drain pipe never to be seen again and then the bell rings so we go back to class.

However, I still don’t see the other boy and my gut is starting to twist on me and the teacher seemed quieter then usual (naturally loud woman) did he dob on us?’ I’m thinking to myself Then suddenly over the loudspeaker I hear there will be an emergency assembly in 30 minutes.

So the teacher lines us up outside quietly and I’m starting to think maybe this might have something to do with me. We get to the tuck shop (cafeteria) for assembly and the principle is PISSED. He’s yelling through the mic so much that I see his spit hit the sunlight and he tells us somebody got hurt and received a nasty scratch to the face. So he’s been sent home and that an argument broke out because somebody was selling the pens and the other boy defended himself when things turned ugly.

I just waited for the principles eyes to fall on me but they never did and I realised through what he was saying he believed multiple kids made these so I knew he didn’t know then who “the boss” was. The boy recovered fine with only a little scar and he never once ratted me out, he even took the blame for everything I was amazed at his loyalty.

Then one day I was leaving class for the afternoon and bell to go home when my teacher stopped me at the door and said ‘trollydollyx I find it hard to believe just one boy made all those pens’. And I was never a good lier so my head dropped to the floor and straight back up again then I responded “ yea me neither miss” and left.

TLD:R in grade six I orchestrated an organised weapons crime ring with mob loyalties. Made lots of profits and one of my men injured in a deal gone bad.

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