What came up after school?

I mean, I don't have the time nor the energy to go and double check every single thing that anyone has ever said about the case. I am aware that Undisclosed is biased, but with that bias in mind I don't think they are lying when they say:

So, on that Monday the 8th, Detective O’Shea seizes Hae’s computer to search it for evidence. And on that same day we have Detective John Rau of the Computer Crimes Unit. He serves a subpoena­­in other words, he’s requesting documentation for computer records from America Online in reference to Hae’s email accounts. He‘s basically trying to figure out what emails she might have sent and received in the days leading up to January 13th. About a week later, Detective Rau communicates with Detective MacGillivary and Carew that he was told to cease his investigation relating to the computer because the case had been turned from a missing persons case into a Homicide investigation and transferred from Baltimore County to Baltimore City.Thereafter, in the files we have no mention of the computer, the email account, anything being searched. And when Serial covered this last fall, we have Baltimore City saying, ‘We never got the computer from Baltimore County,’ and then we had the following quote: “At this time, we have not found any additional items including the computer, records, or reports.” So, we mentioned before the floppy disk diary, that never being discovered, the information, the goldmine that could have been lost. Here we have Hae’s entire computer, her email account. We know it was requested, we know they wanted the documents, and yet we have no idea what happened to the computer. The investigation was ceased. We have no meaningful information about anything Hae did electronically that could give us a clue about what happened in this case.

And we know roughly why they wanted that information and why they wanted the AOL records and why they wanted the computer, and that was because Hae, apparently, spent a fair amount of time online and hanging out in what the report calls “Asian chat rooms”.

We know that the missing person consultant that they brought in wrote in a report that they would be monitoring chat rooms that Hae had been known to use. So, it was something they were looking into pretty heavily, and yet we have no records of it beyond these few scattered mentions. They did pull her AOL profile which listed her interests as “Movies, Phone, Partying, TV, Music and most importantly Don.” And her likes were listed as “Looking in his blue gray eyes, fast cars like his Camaro, driving to BelAir, Selling glasses and her beauty, spending as much time as possible in the lab. Occupation: Part­time sales, Full­time Girlfriend.” And the last line of it was “I love you and I miss you Donnie”.

If you'd like to explain which parts of this are lies, I'm all ears, but I'm not just going to dismiss all of this because you say they spread 'misinformation', whatever that is meant to mean in this situation.

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