What can I do better?

  • You can build a wooden bridge to allow pawns to cross over the mud more quicker

  • You can also build a large freezer in that hill/mountain in the far right, it will allow your food supply to be more protected both from attacks but also from high temperatures (infestations may be a problem though).

  • Make buildings out of stone, people already mentioned that wood is flammable (goes without saying) however so are steel walls in Rimworld so buildings are best made out of stone.

  • Don't keep all your growing zones in the same space, separate them out that way if one field get's the blight or get's set ablaze then it won't spread to the others and fuck up you're entire food production.

  • I personally keep butchering tables in the freezer that way pawns can quickly butcher a corpse and drop the meat nearby, work is slowed slightly due to the cold temperature but it can be quicker than having them go back and fourth into different rooms. However the main issue is that if you do not have enough storage space or haulers then the textiles left behind can litter the area in the freezer and affect pawn movement speed.

  • Not sure why the ship beam is built, I assume you're trying to build it asap to escape the planet. I'd suggest building up your colony and it's defences instead until you're in a good enough position and have the resources to build most of the ship, otherwise raiders could end up destroying the ship parts before it's finished during raid and waste your resources & time.

  • When building stockpiles and crafting tables it is best to have both of these either in the same room or directly adjacent to one another. As-is you pawns will need to get through 2 to 3 sets of doors to get materials and bring them back which isn't very time-efficient for them. To solve this in your current setup you could remove the wall that's separating the room with the smelter to the stockpile (creating a larger room with both) or by having a door in between them and have it hold open that way pawns don't need to stop to open the door when cold temperature isn't a concern.

  • Similarly the stockpile zone you have in the room just left of the smelter stretches across the entire floor and right now there are some materials on the floor that's going to slow pawns down. I'd recommend reducing the zoning slightly to grant pawns a clear unobstructed path to that other stockpile so they can get there quicker.

  • Generally speaking there will be raids where the attackers will manage to either bypass or breach your outer defences so it is always good practise to have spots of cover and choke points in the inner part of your colony to allow your colonists to fall back and defend if shit hits the fan. Choke points is something that you will especially want to plan when mining/building under overhead mountains due to the threat that infestations pose.

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