What can the Congress party do as it’s no longer remains principal opposition in India?

You’re right but the fact remains that these leaders will never, ever be the face of the party on a national level. That’s all that I’m trying to say. They’re beaten in terms of charisma as well as image.

Many of these congress wins are a huge byproduct of BJP inconsistency. It’s similar in Karnataka as well. The face of development that BJP tries to be just doesn’t work at some places, and voters keep oscillating because of that. Regardless, you will never see popular support for leaders like kamal nath, digvijay singh, mamta banerjee PAN India. Their antics are only forgettable at a state level. This is also why you’ll never see Yogi be a PM, or if he becomes one, he will also water down a whole lot with his remarks like Modi.

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