What Card Should I Get? Weekly Thread - Week of March 27, 2019

In June I'll be right at 5/25 and in December I'll be way under 5/25 (I applied for 3 cards in December of 2017). I'm paying off the last of my student loans either partly in June and partly in December, or all in December, what is more financially advantageous. This will be 15k of spend. I can pay this via plastiq for my servicer fed loan servicing, I have before. I also havea $830 tax bill I'll be paying. I have a 760 credit score.

I prefer cashback and no fees, but I have vacation time I need to use so travel would be good too. I fly out of Philly International. I have the td bank cash card, capital one savor, synchrony amazon, wawa credit card, chase freedom, discover it, uber visa, citi double cashback, amex blue cash everyday, and the ducks unlimited. Any recs?

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