What Card Should I Get? Weekly Thread - Week of July 3rd, 2019

The flowchart has worked well for me thus far. I just hit a few hiccups and need clarity on best way forward.

Credit score = 790. Currently 2/24 with Chase.

1/17: Chase Amazon

1/19: CF, CSP

3/19 - alaska biz card, Amex Marriott bonvoy Biz, Barclays Aviator biz, Amex HH biz, Citi AA plat biz, CIP #1

4/19 :· CIP #2, Hyatt biz (declined), Citi AA plat Biz (declined)

5/15 - WF Biz plat.

7/4/19 - Citi AA Biz plat - (Declined)

I'm willing to MS any amount, open to biz cards and want points. Currently have 60k AA points, 30k UR, 35k Marriott, 70k Hilton. Just spent my points on a wonderful family vacation to Maui thanks to all the advice i've soaked in from this group.

Flying out of dfw.

I got declined for the Hyatt because i foolishly applied for that and the CIP #2 on the same day. I also applied too early for citi biz card and forgot to follow the 90 days since last application date on my 3rd attempt. So not eligible apply for that again till Oct.

In the meantime, what else can i go for? Can i try for the Hyatt again now? Another CIP? CIU? Or any other Amex biz cards? Or slow down for a while? Not too keen on the Amex plat 100k offer.

Thanks in advance.

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