What Card Should I Get? Weekly Thread - Week of August 07, 2019

1: I'm currently "flying solo" in life and recently realized I've been wasting potential on a 1% cashback card. I think the flowchart said I should get Chase Ink Preferred Business card, but the 5K MS is right on my edge and I'm not yet educated enough on MS. If I understand correctly, is the flowchart saying to apply for business cards before the personal cards? I don't have an EIN but I'm willing to use my SSN for the business cards if that doesn't change the parameters.

2: 750


Card Date Limit
State Farm Visa 2008 12,500
WF Visa Signature 2010 10,500
Amazon Store Card 2014 2,000
WF Propel AMEX March 2019 5,000
AA Aviator Red August 2019 12,500

4: $3,500

5: Willing to but feeling like I should do a couple test runs at low amounts to get comfortable with the process. I'm definitely new to this.

6: Yes - I have a personal side business and would like a business card but the minimum spends all look high (5K+)

7: Yes, interested in churning, but not trying to dive in full speed yet.

8: Targeting high returns for advanced F,J airfare or last minute economy.

9: I will have 80K AA miles after the Aviator Red bonus. 30K Trueblue points.

10: LAX and surrounding

11: New York (I really enjoyed an AA Sharklets J class Flagship flight) and I want to play a Southeast Asia trip (Japan/China/Vietnam) after acquiring enough points for a RT F class flight.

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