What caused you to start taking Covid 19 seriously?

My thoughts were like

“Oh, this is interesting, I better stock up on supplies in case it comes here. “(can goods, I wasn’t hogging TP)

“Oh no, it’s in the US and seems to be spreading.”

“15 days to slow the spread? Okay, that might be smart, but I worry about all this emergency power being granted to the government.”

“Okay, it’s been two months of ‘15 days to slow the spread’ this definitely seems like it’s being overblown for political purposes.”

“Dr. Fauci seems like he’s gotten power hungry and has been all over the place”

“Yeah, government is using this to seize up control and even when the virus is no longer a danger, they will continue to make it seem dangerous so they don’t have to give up power”

“It’s been six months since the 15 days, I’ve lost my job, my marriage is in shambles, I haven’t been able to see my therapist in months, this new job is making my health conditions worse, this isolation and panic has pushed me to my breaking point. I’m thinking about just giving up on everything.”

“Okay, now that I’ve survived that suicide attempt, Im not going to let fear rule my life. I’m statistically not in serious danger of covid as long as I take precautions especially around my mom with medical problems everything will be okay”

“Wow, the politicians and media have found great ways to monetize this pandemic and sell fear, it’s both impressive and frightening.”

“Hmm, from what people are saying, the delta variant seems to be more contagious but not nearly as deadly. So is this what they meant when they said a year ago that covid would eventually evolve into something similar to the common cold?”

“Is Fauci the figurehead of some sort of covid cult? These people definitely seem to be in a covid cult”

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