What cbd companies have e 1 to 2 day delivery???

You know that affiliate and MLM are two different things right? MLM is a pyramid scheme that's sole mission is to keep growing the pyramid and growing the 'downline'.

Your famed CBDistillery (which I have no issue with) ALSO has an affiliate program, as do most CBD/hemp oil brands.

We offer only a 2 tier system: a straight affiliate program that offers 30% commision and only 1 more tier to bring in your friends/family that would like to promote our brand as well. It's a simple 'thank you' to tell your other affiliate marketer friends.

We only started the affiliate program because customers were asking us to create one. It was based on demand and rewarding people for spreading the word.

I hope you can better understand our position and perhaps be a bit kinder. Thanks for reading.

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