What do you think of ceausescu?

A man who loved his country and who showed patriotism the likes of which we might never see again. If you add all subsequent leaders together they don't even come close, all we have nowadays is self-centered scoundrels and half-men blinded by their own petty self-aggrandizing who can't even hold a candle by comparison. His son said it best, after he was gone they weren't even able to put on a fresh coat of paint over all his father built.

However, he was kind of an idiot and his ideology of choice - communism/socialism really doesn't work with the realities of human biology/psychology and everything was doomed to fail, not least so because he chose to starve his population and leave them without heating and electricity in the winter, etc. Way too rough and careless, because he was a peasant and couldnt understand how to consolidate his position, like Putin did.

In the end it's a mix of good and bad, the powers that be tried for 30 years and are still trying to paint him as all bad, some nostalgics try to do the opposite and make him out to be as perfect and a saviour, in reality he tried to do good but ended up doing more harm, i think. The sad part is now we're stuck with servile pathetic half-men who'd rather do usa/eu's bidding, for better or for worse.

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