What celebrity did bad things but everyone "forgot" what they did because they're famous?

I am not sure if anyone will read it or see it. But I just wanted to make something clear about these accusations. You have to consider that at that that point of time when all the people were taking advantage of the black people in in Africa Hillingdon Gillingham killing them and segregated then stealing their resources keeping them as second class citizens destroying the livelihood making them slaves and if that is only problem was that he saw Africans as lower class citizens you'll have to forgive him. If we take into consideration all that now people making fun of him based on today's standards and and even view Gandhi was a saint. If you did all the old heroes like Abraham Lincoln George Washington Winston Churchill etc for ownership of slaves then they are utter m************ shites logically speaking. At least 4 Gandhi he actually learnt from it and implement it in India as well as elsewhere . Although I do not support Hitler or Japanese during the World war II we m************ had no options while British were stealing our money killing people, and enemy of an enemy is always a friend so I still have no regrets about it ,whether be writing a letter or some of the Japanese.

As for sleeping naked with girls as far as I received it is true and it's justification was to avoid temptation. Gandhiji what's a true ascetic as you can see from his teachings and life. He was a leader of immortal nation and he never heard anything other than one one piece of clothes that he actually wove himself never used to eat anything other than necessary nor have any excess of any kind. He did not talk he showed an example with his life if that we can see from the photographs and the videos and the biographies and the autobiography. Gandhi was the beacon of non violence and and compared to any other words he's the only person who walked the talk. Whatever he preach he practiced. So so if Gandhi said he did not sleep with them I tend to believe him rather than the British tabloids writing this kind of news.

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