What childhood injustice are you still mad about?

I'm still very much pissed off at 2 different teachers.

When I was in the 5th grade I had a real bad stomach ache (I'd find out later its a little something called IBS) and had to go to the restroom. This was during class, and the restroom was inside the classroom because it was a trailer (sometimes called a "portable"). So I went and did my thing, but flushed the toilet using a paper towel cause you know.. its gross touching shit (no pun intended) that other shitters have touched! And I guess I must have dropped said paper towel in the toilet, washed my hands and sat back down. 10 minutes later I get called to the front of the classroom by my scary monster of a teacher and get yelled "GO TAKE THE PAPER OUT OF THE TOILET RIGHT NOW AND THROW IT IN THE TRASH CAN" to my face in front of everyone. Apparently some other punkass kid told on me because that piece of paper wouldnt go down when flushed. I was an very shy immigrant kid who had just moved from Argentina to Miami, I didn't speak the language well, so I shut up and went to do as I was told. I had to reach in the toilet and pull the wet paper out with my hands. My mom finds out about this, talks to the counselor and they set up a meeting with the teacher. As my mom tells it, the teacher got a good and hard lesson from the counselor (because of this and other issues she had with immigrant kids), cried, was forced to apologize to my mom and had to take courses in psychopedagogy and intensive spanish lessons to comunicate better with non-native children.

And that same year I had a old cuban spanish teacher (same school) who also called me out in front of everyone because my last name COULDN'T POSSIBLY be Rodrigues (with an S) because "it didn't exist" and my real last name was "Rodriguez". I was "just a kid who didn't know anything" and she was a "grown woman and that's why she was a teacher" I was forced to write my last name like that the whole year I had her. Every time I tried to convince her my name was like that she would wave me off and say I was and ignorant and they had taugh me wrong in Argentina. What I didn't know at the time was that my last name is portuguese and not spanish, so it logically end with an "S". So fuck you, you old bitch!! I hope you're reading this! Who's the ignorant cunt now, huh?!? P.S.: She probably isn't. Sorry I went off like that y'all.

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