What is the Christ consciousness?

I think I understand what you're saying now, but I still don't get why it's important for Jesus to be like a pendant for the guarantee of 'salvation' after death. What I'm gathering from everything you're saying is it's ok for people to live their lives believing certain things are wrong instead of accepting them as part of creation, the only thing people need to concern themselves with is believing 'Jesus Christ is Lord.' Why?

When a holy figure is taken and given a form that's comparable to the individuals being told to worship it, it welcomes any authority figure who says they believe in Jesus Christ to control other people. People will think, "This guy has the same goals as we do, his heart is pure so we can trust him." Many people are being 'led astray' by Republicans (for example) who are pushing their own agendas while pumping out Christianity drivel to trick people into thinking they're on the same team because of their religion.

What accepting everything as neutral does is allows the space to see that everyone's doing their own things in this beautiful creation we all reside in, but when it comes to what you stand for as a human being you need to stand up for what's right. What's right to every person varies, but approaching from neutrality allows people to work together with the understanding another person may have information that you haven't obtained because the way you're life is structured compared to theirs. But ultimately it's your decision to do what you choose with your life and where you direct your energy, if you think something someone's doing is wrong then you need to say something instead of trusting them because they claim to love Jesus just like you.

When a figure such as Jesus is brought on the same level as other humans, but yet he still isn't and people are meant to worship 'him', a lot of energy is going into one direction that allows any manipulative, charismatic person to step in and control others just by claiming Jesus is their savior. But when the energy is directed at everything, it allows the positive to balance out the negative in a more equal manner. No one can say, "I'm for the universe just like you guys! The universe is my Lord! I am going to continue raping the our planet that was built to function a certain way, but don't fret because the Universe is on our side!" Acknowledging there is a scientific basis to existence adds more logic and creates the room to act more responsibly as a human being instead of blindly trusting someone else just because they claim to "love Jesus Christ."

What do you think?

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