What classic/cult products are worth it and which ones aren't?

Hourglass ALP. I bought them because I was desperate to find a powder that could "blur everything together" like my HG discontinued Maybelline Dream Matte Powder could. I read reviews for like two years before purchasing it and knew that it would be subtle and sparkly but I was still massively disappointed. I've applied it with every tool you can think of (sponges/loose natural powder brush/buffing synthetic brush/bronzer brush etc) using every method you can think of (setting powder, finishing powder, highlighter, over bronzer etc) in varying amounts and it's always been crap. It either looks like nothing, or it looks too sparkly and cakey. There's no middle ground at all, just different lighting that reveals how it actually looks worse than the room you applied it in.

Then I found the Flower Beauty pressed powder and it's 1/5 the price and the formula is perfect if I use it with a damp sponge. It's slightly more coverage than the discontinued Maybelline, but it blurs all my pores without ever caking up or showing texture. I look so airbrushed with it. The only issue is the shade range sucks so I haven't got a good match, but by using a light hand it still looks amazing.

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