What is the closest thing to superpowers you can have in real life?

I can break people’s personality down. Which allows me to understand their reasoning for actions, and it allows me to predict them, manipulate them, control them, and have general power over them. Understanding and predicting requires me to spend time with the person. I refuse to use this power because I believe everyone should have some privacy. Especially since this is similar to taking a look inside of their brain. I always use this power on every person I meet. Only because I always want to know when they aren’t okay. So I can be there for them when no one else can see it. The longer time that I spend with the person will result in a more solid prediction and understanding. Although, Manipulation, Controlling, and General Power does not require spending time with the person. Solid prediction and understanding will greatly strengthen Manipulation, Controlling, and General Power. Manipulation, Controlling, and General Power is never used unless it is needed. (This entire power is abused towards toxic people. Current abused victim count is 1. Here is the story on Victim#1. Victim#1 is a female. I am a male. Victim #1 was thrown away and heartbroken. This process took 4 weeks. Victim #1 is a former lover. Victim #1 broke my heart 6 times in the year. I was too blind to see that Victim #1 was very toxic to me. Victim#1 had broken my heart again and I wasn’t going to have it happen anymore. This was when Victim#1 created a monster. Someone who cared less. Someone who wasn’t going to let anyone else control their life. Someone who became emotionally, mentally, and physically disconnected to certain feelings as a result of the year long torture and pain. Someone who doesn’t fear their own death. Someone who learned how to use their multiple superpowers. I decided to live a certain lifestyle that ultimately avoids all toxicity. Then I looked at the 2 possible outcomes concerning the relationship between Victim#1 and myself. Outcome(1), The End of A Friendship. Outcome(2), The Start of An Only Friends Friendship. As I said, Victim#1 was thrown away and heartbroken but this process took 4 weeks. Let’s get into the process. My superpower to break personalities had existed before Victim#1 stepped into my life. By now I have spent over a years worth with Victim#1. I only began using this superpower on Victim#1 after she fucked a guy behind my back. I know everything that Victim#1 would do in every situation. The new lifestyle is to avoid all toxicity. Therefore, I manipulated Victim#1 so I didn’t have to deal with toxicity from her. And I did nothing that had to do with Victim#1 for 3 weeks. We talked every now and then but this was only when Victim#1 wasn’t being toxic. Victim#1 had told me they love me. Then the next day, I fucked someone else. I am in love with this person. Then I told Victim#1 because I wanted to know her reaction. This created a lot of drama. Victim#1 was crushed. But it did not matter to me because Victim#1 had fucked 2 guys behind my back but that’s a longer story. 3 Days later, I fucked Victim#1 because she had me believe doing it would help her move on. The next day, I fucked Victim#1 again for the same very reason. The next day, I fucked the other girl again. The next day, I had to tell the other girl about me and Victim#1. It made the other girl angry but she was also very understanding about the fact that we were not dating. Then I fucked Victim#1 then I cut her off because she was becoming too toxic and I wasn’t going to lose someone that I am in love with, just because I can’t drop a fucking ex. 3 days later, I am now dating the other girl. Victim#1 is now heartbroken.) TL;DR I have a superpower to understand everything and predict everything about a person but it requires me to spend time with them. Victim#1 was thrown away and heartbroken.

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