What club do you dislike that isn't a main rival of yours? Why?

Some fair points, and I think the way Pulis set up and continues to set up can be disgusting and he encourages players to tackle hard and go for the 50/50 challenges such as that one. Wenger and Ramsey however focused on vilifying Shawcross though which I think pissed off a tonne of our fans as it seemed unfair as I think TP was really the chief culprit and at the end of the day as the guy before me said, you've had some tough tacklers in your time and this was just an unlucky event at the end of the day.

I'm not aware he has since forgiven him infact when Shawcross was encouraged to play for Wales he was informed he would have to seek Ramsey's forgiveness first and he wouldn't be able to play without Ramsey's ok.

My point I guess is that fair enough Ramsey had those feelings, I'm in no place to say how he should feel but he should've atleast publicly forgiven him or whatever and atleast tried to quash everything that was building up around it.

Since the event, and more recently I think both fanbases act in a totally classless way to each other and neither us nor you are any better then each other in my eyes. I think we do definitely hate on you more then possibly any other club and that's because we have no real rivals geographically. Vale are wank so they're hardly even relevant and so most our rivalries are from league position or events such as Ramsey's challenge.

Just my opinion, getting down-voted to hell on my original post now a lot of Arsenal fans are replying but just trying to give you a slightly more moderate Stoke fan's point of view on the situation. I don't blame the fans I blame the way it was handled by Wenger and Ramsey which I believe was what sparked the embarrassing reaction since from both sets of fans.

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