What cold case or unsolved crime still gives you chills?

I am not saying I was tough. I knew it all along, these guys would only say stuff I did in school, so I knew it wasn’t real. I am saying that if you actually wanted to (unlike you) you can find a way to do something about it instead of being a pussy and rolling over. Technically, if the issue is big enough, the buyer can sue the seller and the seller would sometimes need to cancel the contract, the court would most likely agree that letters threatening your kids would probably justify that.

I wouldn’t let my kids play unsupervised outside anyways, I never said I would do that. I would say that there are ways to get to the bottom of it instead of being a pussy and complaining. Now you see what I am saying with the gun part. Not everyone wants to/can afford a big hit on a recently purchased house, so you need to deal with it until you can fix it.

For example, a dude was drunk and drove his truck on our property about 4 months ago. He crashed his truck and ran away on foot. He has upwards of 100 charges and multiple arrests. Every couple days he drives by our house and honks at us because we got his truck towed and have the police looking for him. Does it scare us? Fuck yeah, but we don’t let him know that, we intentionally left HD security camera and gun boxes outside our house to show him we won’t deal with his shit. Haven’t heard from him since. I can provide source on this if you need it. Instead of just complaining, find a way to succeed.

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