What do you want to confess that no one else in your real life knows?

I think about running away from my current life as it is and living off grid most days. I’m not happy on the inside and feel drained everyday.

Other days I feel like taking my own life but no one would know that. Other days, I feel relatively at ease. I feel mostly lost and feel like my life has no direction. I work a pretty standard retail job full time and have no proper hobbies or friends.

I would like to try and write out everything I feel currently but it’s all so much that I really can’t be bothered. I realise most of these things I feel are thoughts in my head but I tend to overthink a lot so that doesn’t help.

I don’t know really, I think if I tried to live the life I want i’d let my loved ones down just cause they won’t agree with most of what I actually think, feel and believe in. Trust me, they have no idea what sorts of things I think about on the daily.

Maybe i’m just a lost cause. I’ll probably be like this forever but who knows?

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