What is a controversial question you want to ask?

Yea man this is such a shitty looking game. I mean, look how ugly it is.


I do however, completely agree, that I liked the old skill systems more. This is one of the few things that i was disapointed by yea.

I beg to differ on immortal companions as well. Now while i wish they couldnt be revived (not, all can mind you) mid fight, they still go down and become useless for a period. Effectively dead. Whats better about this system, for me, is that i can still have that awesome and interesting character. I can still roam around with x, where as before I would have lost him. Also i want to make something incredibly clear you can dismiss the dog, or any companion for that matter. Now that i have changed your life maybe you can enjoy the game more.

Yea I wish i could read the dialogue still, but the dialogue is still there. Its still good dialogue, its still right there, you just can see it before (WHICH stinks, but dont act like its gone).

I my self spent like 2 hours in sancutary building the best base i could. Its not for everyone I guess, but acting like its a worthless is just wrong. And the crafting system? Your hating on that too? Not even gonna justify a response to that one.

Main story was meh, very Bethesda-y of them, wish it was better, but the side quests are still fun and interesting as ever.

I have asked plenty of questions during this campaign, Its not the greatest story of all time, ill concede that for sure, but the characters are interesting and fun mostly (although, this, like so much is subjective, for sure)

And people will gush over the good system because, wow, they are good systems. Thats quite the concept eh? People enjoying good, well fleshed out systems. How outrageous!

Your (possibly) not a edgy 14 year old. Maybe your 16 who knows. But i think your "critical thinking", like mine, and almost everyones thoughts about a video game, are highly subjective at best. Difference being? Your "critical thinking" is baseless and highly exaggerated half the time it would seem.

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