What is conventionally considered attractive that you just don't understand?

This is true, we don't. The only reason I can usually tell is because I spent more time with my mom and sister than my dad. Usually it's the eyes that makes me notice. I often have to get used to seeing people without makeup, makeup is too default.

I think most girls look fine without makeup, and sometimes it even has a certain charm I prefer. There was even once this girl who kind of had poor skin but I still found her cute. But makeup usually makes one look better of course, that's why it exists. It's just that some styles of makeup I don't find all that attractive.

I just don't want people like my sis and mom to think they "can't go outside bare" when they still look pretty. That doesn't sound healthy, yet it seems to be a common sentiment. I've even heard classmates of a friend rip on her for never wearing makeup, and people asking things like "are you tired" when someone shows up without their usual makeup. Men often compare women by a standard of ones that wear makeup. It's not makeup that's the issue, it's that it has become so default to the point of giving both genders a false perception of what women tend to look like.

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